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Using the internet, you would probably make the mistake of believing that everything we do on it will be there forever, so we can get back to when we need it. You would think photos, videos, texts and chats will still be online, safe and secure on some server for us to easily access.However, that is not exactly the way it works. We might not see a need to save any chats at the time, but there would definitely come a time when you will need it to refer back to something that has happened, or maybe to clear your name. Now I wonder how you would be able to find it when the messages you send and receive are automatically saved. How can you sift all through that huge pile of messages to get what you are after? If you have an iPhone, here is some help.

IPhone Message Colours

There are two ways in which iPhone messages are sent; if they are sent with a blue bubble, this means that the message being sent was sent between two iPhone users and that is tone through iMessage; if there is a green bubble, it is between an iPhone and another phone. You are probably wondering why you should care about the colour bubbles. Well, this is what you need to know. Blue messages are conveyed using Apple’s servers. Apple messages are made to be backed up on iCloud. Now an iMessage is kept until there is need for another back up. Once this need arises, the previous messages are deleted. Still wondering about the light? If you need messages you sent through iMessage, it is important that you garner them immediately before the next backup causes the deletion of messages which are of important value to you.

We haven’t talked about the green light yet. The green light shows messages sent through cellular providers. Now each cellular provider has its way of dealing with messages. Some keep them for a length of time, others do not keep them at all. The task of getting messages back from service providers falls on us then, because the more time we waste, the more likely that the messages will be deleted and be forever lost to us. As more and more people opt  for iPhone, we discover that we really will not have much saved in the future. While we may be able to get back some information from Apple, they can only provide information from what they have not deleted and that is not always much.

Whatsapp and other messenger apps might have the answer we need as each one contains settings where we can choose to save or discard information so we can always be able to get back to it. We should have those iPhone colours in mind, however. Taking a snapshot of a chat you want to save and emailing it to yourself or someone that can hold on to it is a very sure way of saving chats for evidence. Time and date of the delivery will be there to support your evidence



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