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The social media has established itself at the epicenter of marketing.
It has successfully usurped mediums like television stations, radio stations and newspapers as the go-to channel for Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC). A lot of organizations have a very strong social media presence and this is mainly because the social caters for that demographic much prized by business: the youth. There has been a lot of controversy as to which age bracket defines the youth. The United Nation’s claim of 16-24 has been rejected by some organizations and judging by the various opinions and statistics, the range 16-32 is the safest assumption.
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Top Reasons For You To Develop A Strong Social Media Presencw For Your Social Establishment


Regardless of the agreed age bracket, what is known to all marketers and brand managers worldwide is that this particular demographic is the target of most sales campaigns. Although the youths do not have the purchasing power of the older class, they constitute the majority and as such, any media campaign for a brand would ignore them at its own peril. The importance of the youth demographic is what has transformed the social media into such a powerhouse of marketing.

The majority of the youth population is active on the social media and thus, organizations and business have made it their primary mode of communication. With this in mind, it has become imperative for every business outfit to have a presence on the social media. Even non-profit organizations and government institutions are joining the trend.



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Send Message Through iMessage

For you the business owner, let me give you an analogy of how this works:


Person 1 sends the following message to Person 2: “YO! On my way to Club Demulcere. Want to join?” To which Person 2 replies: “Cool! Let’s hit up Person 3. He’ll be so psyched!!” Then Person 3 gets the same message simultaneously from Person 1 and Person 2. Person one sends him a Direct Message on Twitter while Person 2 sends his through Facebook. Though they both utilize two separate social media platforms, their message is still basically the same: “Come join us at Demulcere.” The peer pressure, more than anything, will compel Person 3 to join them at the club.

The analogy above is the most basic description of how most of the youths interact these days. Phone calls have been replaced with conversations on the social media or instant messaging platforms. According to recent studies, more than 80% of the youths in the United States have smartphones. This has thus made the social media their primary means of communication and interaction. With this knowledge, it is now solely up to you, the business owner to make the most of this opportunity. When people say they want to go out, what they usually have in mind is a neighboring bar, a popular club or a public gathering place.

When youths want to party or have a good time, they do so in large groups. And since you know that they coordinate via the social media, you should then use this to your advantage. As the owner of an entertainment-oriented establishment, whether it a bar or a club, you should regularly send messages that will draw attention to your business and also make it maintain relevance.


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A Single Tweet Generate Response


If your bar or club is active on the social media, a single tweet could generate this response:

Person 1 views your establishment’s (@dirtyducks) tweet: “DJ Stormz live tonight! 2 for price of 1 drinks.” This tweet makes Person 1 excited and he immediately ‘favourites’ it. He then retweets it to his 500 followers. Person 2 is a close friend of Person 1 so he gets the tweet as a Direct Message. He agrees to go to your bar. He then retweets the message. Person 3 is one of his 1300 followers and he also views the tweet.

He decides to retweet your original message to his own group of followers too. Just like that, your message makes the rounds around the Twittersphere and when your bar opens for the night, you record a large crowd of customers. From the comfort of your office, you manage to reach more than 2,000 people in less than ten minutes. And you did all of this for free and with less than 120 words.


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Talk about marketing at its finest!


There are a lot of scenarios that could be used to explain just how you could use the social media for a successful marketing campaign but I am sure that the example above will be enough to give you a grasp of how it works.

The social media has become increasingly popular across all demographics so you should know that when you are sending a message online, it is to a large and heterogeneous audience.


Social Media networks


There are many social media networks you can employ and the most popular ones include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.
With the use of interesting posts and carefully structured comments like “Yes! Had a great time last week”, you can engage your audience and this could lead to some peer recommendations.
Peer recommendation is a very important factor to consider on social media platforms. A lot of business outfits and establishments have harnessed it successfully.
Therefore, I will still reiterate that any forward thinking social establishment like nightclubs, bars or restaurants should create a marketing plan that utilizes the social media.

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Message through a personal account


If you have not already drafted one for your business, you should do so immediately and you are bound to record phenomenal success.
There is one thing to note though. When creating a social media account for your business, you should follow the Business Account up with a personal one.
This is because people have grown skeptical of messages received from the official accounts of brands and businesses. This is because they view such messages as adverts.
However, if you send the same message through a personal account, it will be received with more credibility by your audience. This is because this type of message will be seen as a recommendation or review.

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Getting started is simple.


There are a lot of materials on the internet that will teach you how to get started with using the internet for your business.

You should observe the social media accounts of other businesses and see how they conduct themselves. You should see how their audience reacts to certain messages.

However, if all this sounds overwhelming to you, you can employ somebody to do it for you. Yes, Social Media Account Managers are a thing now.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started already!

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